Jarrett Prairie Center Museum

Split Rock Studios brought me back onboard to complete the design and production phases for this award-winning, 4,000 square foot nature center that is part of the Byron Forest Preserve District in Illinois. The exhibit includes more than 40 interpretive graphics that discuss the prairie ecology of the site, natural history and agriculture. There are many interactive opportunities sprinkled throughout the gallery as well. Visitors can build a habitat by completing a puzzle, find and identify fossils, design their own farm, and identify unique features in the landscape with the spotting scopes.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project was the mural wall. A photographer was commissioned to capture several majestic views of the nature preserve. Because of the size of the mural wall, the images needed to be photographed in many small sections. Then, I pieced each section together to create the whole image. This allowed us to print crisp, vibrant images that are approximately 14′ tall and 7′ wide.